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"Learn Bulgarian language and find your true love!

You live in Bulgaria because you study here, you love its nature and traditions or your love is Bulgarian.

Some people learn English because of business but some people learn Bulgarian because if love...not just love -but the shared love! "


Our new Bulgarian course for foreigners will help you not only start understanding, speaking and reading  the Bulgarian language but also to feel the Bulgarian culture in all its colors. We use the teaching method of Suggestopedia developed by the Bulgarian psychotherapist Prof.Georgi Lozanov. This approach allows you to learn up to 5-6 times faster through games and art. If your dream is to be able to order delicious Bulgarian cuisine in a restaurant, to have a good conversation with locals in the mountains or to read the Cyrillic alphabet  without hesitation   – join this trip in searching of the roots of the Bulgarian magic.


Предстоящи сугестопедични курсове в Материка

Сугестопедичен курс по Английски език - I част
24 Сеп
Сугестопедичен курс по Английски език - I част
  • Date: 24 Сеп, 2019
  • Time: 09:30 - 13:00
  • Location: МАТЕРИКА 2 Мария Луиза 31


" Когато светът дойде при теб. " 

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